Smelly Vaginal Cleansing: Know When to DOUCHE


For most men, vaginas are simply passports to pleasure. For ladies, however, they are the cradle of womanhood that must be protected at all times. Part of this protection, of course, is regular washing and maintenance. This helps keep the reproductive organ clean, while eliminating vaginal discharge, blood, semen, and especially offensive odors.

Sadly, there are women that simply do not know when they should douche. In addition, there are several pros and cons associated with douching. Still, over 40 percent of American women douche on a regular basis. According to health experts, knowing when to douche is based on several factors.

In order for women to douche, they must first understand what the process entails. Douching is derived from the French word for “soaking” and “washing.” In a nutshell, douching utilizes a mixture of water and vinegar to effectively wash out the vagina.



Douches are general sold in pharmacies, drugstores, and supermarkets. They come in bottles or bags, which feature antiseptics and fragrances. Once a woman finds the right douche bag, its contents are sprayed through a tube upward into her vagina.

The result is a cleaner and fresher vagina, which helps women secure more confidence and pride. While douching is not for every woman, it is considered a good way to keep the “cradle of love” clean.

While having some vaginal odor is normal, very strong odors may mean it’s time to douche. If the odor persists after douching, however, it may be a sign of infection. In these cases, women should contact their primary care physicians or obstetricians/gynecologists right away. For most women, douching is done after they get their periods.

This helps wash away menstrual blood and other remnants. Women who are sexually active or promiscuous should also frequently douche. This can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, along with pregnancy after intercourse. While there really is no timetable or entrenched rules on douching, the best advice will come from your doctor.